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Leadership at QRGameplan is made up of some of the most talented, personable, and experienced professionals in the field. Working both for and with your team, we make your sports marketing success our top priority.

Founder, Chief Strategist

Maurine is a 25-year industry veteran and the visionary and driving force behind QRGameplan's groundbreaking business model. Utilizing her background as a senior executive in win/win management, marketing, and branding, Maurine is involved in all areas of the company and acts as a strategic resource for clients seeking to enhance and activate their mobile business and marketing objectives. With a proven track record in developing and scaling start-up and mid-lifecycle businesses, she motivates corporate leaders to reach their goals by managing initiatives from concept to completion.

Chief Technology Officer

Todd leads our development group and is the architect behind the deployment of our secure mobile-ready QSites. Timing and accuracy are critical to every QR initiative. That's why Todd's technological precision and expertise are so valuable. His broad-based technical experience with major lifecycle systems, analysis, and mobile-enabled coding ensures the integrity and continuous safety of our site and our clients' hosted QSites as well. Todd designs, implements, integrates, and beta-tests all components of our clients' QR campaigns insuring a smooth transition between QSites and company-based sites. He provides our clients a single, authoritative contact for questions related to product planning and joint development.

Copywriter, Brand Sentry

Most clients come to us with their brand and voice fully established. Bower ensures that these identities and personalities are maintained throughout each campaign. For clients who need assistance establishing an image and presence in the marketplace, Bower offers 30+ years of ad agency talent and experience in all areas of branding and marketing. He is an adept problem solver with a special gift for simplifying the complicated and weeding out the unnecessary.

Social Media Consigliore

Mary's extensive career in social media has led companies to beat a path to her mighty hub! Companies like Facebook and Google, have utilized Mary's knowledge in the world of social media and on-line security. We're so fortunate that she found out about QRGameplan, understands the full capabilities of our software, and that she "gets it", but to top it off, she is "fantastic" (one of Mary's favorite words). With Mary's guidance and laser focus on all things social, she is not only responsible for developing and maintaining our social media, she is an incredible strategy consultant for our clients to rely on as they develop the social media details for their QSite campaigns.

Director Spring Training

Edythe is following up her 31 year banking career as Director of Spring Training for QRGamePlan. Edythe will direct all facets of BatterUp2105 for the company, working strategically with sponsors, advertisers, and stakeholders to insure BatterUp is one of our finest and most engaging mobile initiatives ever! Prior to joining us, Edythe was consistently one of the top business sales/development producers for Wells Fargo. Her ability to nurture and grow relationships will help us to continually bring our "best game" to our partners, thus insuring all our success, on and off the field.

Director Game Day Operations

Sam's background in logistics is the perfect fit for QRGamePlan and our clients. Sam's creativity coupled with his multi-tasking capabilities insures clients get the attention to detail to insure their mobile activation, on and off the field, is fully operational and engaging. Clients know that Sam can pitch in on video content and editing, sponsorship activation and social media engagement. Believe us, Sam's got the playbook memorized!

Research and Development

Brian recently joined us as an intern from Arizona State University – then he figured out he could do so much more and, man, was he right! Today, Brian assists in our market research to be sure we continue to stay on top of our own game while also working hand-in-hand with clients, to be sure their QSites are developed to their highest and best use. Brian's additional background in logistics and supply chain management help us move much more than technology and information.

Technology Anthropologist

In the ever-changing world of mobile communications and platforms, it's one thing to keep up with the technology and quite another to understand how to harness it for our clients' marketing needs. Ashley's digital expertise and her working knowledge of current trends and strategies in the mobile arena keep our clients and their QSites way out front. Her solid background in social media applications, content analysis, market intelligence, and analytic focus assists in compiling and analyzing client media content while optimizing the power of social media networks.

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