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Imagine if you and your sponsors could create and change promotional messages every quarter, every inning, or every minute. Imagine if you could slice and dice your arena to offer a different message to each class of ticket holder. In short, imagine if you could double or triple the sponsorship potential of each game. QRGameplan's innovative software, versatile designs, and mobile QSites have forever changed the playing field of sports marketing.


  • Teams and venues generate more promotional opportunities and revenue sources

  • Sponsors have total control over the variety, timing, and adjustability of their messaging

  • Sponsors sharpen their marketing focus by dividing their audience and promotions any way they choose
  • Fans, sponsors, and teams have the tools to stay engaged long after the game

  • Spanish language capability allows sponsors to easily reach this growing market

  • QSites pinpoint fans and send messages with greater accuracy and efficiency, making major sports marketing more affordable for a wider range of sponsors

  • Connect fans to your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media pages instantly

  • Build your own personal brand that is distinct from your team's

  • Drive fans directly from you to your sponsors

  • Allow fans to access up-to-the-minute stats and news on you and your team

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