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Full Interactive Site Launched



July 12, 2011, PHOENIX, AZ:

QR Game Plan, LLC launches its full private label client website today. is a web portal devoted to the sports and entertainment industry. "The site is the result of our team's hard work in analyzing and designing the concept." announced Founder Maurine Karabatsos.

Today's launch coincides with a QSHURE™ dedicated to the MLB All Star Game in Phoenix. The QSHURE™ is an interactive flyer that allows fans to scan an up-to-the-minute roster while watching the game and it features an innovative trivia/video "Hot Corner QR Code"™ that changes throughout the game for fans to enjoy during the game's more quiet moments. offers clients the ability to set up their own QR Campaign with specifically designed timing mechanisms. This innovative technology allows teams to sell more active sponsorships by offering affordable sponsorship levels to local businesses that otherwise couldn't afford it and by providing a robust and analytical sponsorship level for high level sponsors. "At QR Game Plan, we believe it's about revenue generation for the teams and venues and a way for them to focus on their sponsors," stated Karabatsos. "As I explained to one team that thought it could set up this type of robust system and timing mechanism on its own within the confines of a national league system: "It's not about you - it's about your sponsors."

Each site is custom built by the QR Game Plan team to look and feel like the sports team or venue, which gives attendees the feeling that they are still within the brand of the company. At no point in the process does it feel like a part of Different levels of pricing allow a golf course operator to offer more customized events for tournament play, for example, while enabling major sports teams to time their sponsors RTA's (Real Time Ads) to game day play. "What good is a logo on its own?" Karabatsos asked. "The power comes when RTA's are combined with to become a RTA with very specific analytics." QR Game Plan can even help clients strategize to improve hot dog sales in one part of the arena while simultaneously driving another section of fans to the beer garden.

QR Game Plan invites those not attending today's game to enjoy all the company has to offer by downloading and printing a PDF of the QSHURE™ here.

QR Game Plan is headquartered in Phoenix and is the premier QR Code marketing and branding company focused on the sports and entertainment industries. Founded in 2010, QR Game Plan launched publicly in January 2011.

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CONTACT: Maurine Karabatsos, Founder
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