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Zappos Goes Nude


Zappos Goes Nude and Adds QR Codes to its Fall Ad Campaign

Posted by Ali Heriyanto in News on July 12, 2011 at 1:08am

Would you like a little nudity with your shoes? In an interesting turn of events, Zappos has decided to get saucy with its latest ad campaign. The New York Times has reported that the new Zappos Fall ad campaign will feature athletic activities while in the buff. I guess they couldn't make their models go through airport security, like BlueFly has done in the past.

"Zappos has a quirky culture ... Doing something typical is not really them." Tim Vaccarino, group creative director at Mullen, Zappos' ad agency, told the New York Times.

Zappos is known for cultivating a work environment, as well as business model that other companies look up to, so this provocative advertising campaign will certainly keep them ahead of the curve, and likely illicit snickers from their competitors.

The new ads were primarily shot in Manhattan in outdoor locations like Park Avenue, as well as the West Village. The models had sensor bars put in strategically placed areas while riding Vespas's and other assorted activities.

Along with the tastefully done nudity in its ads, Zappos is hopeful consumers will also pay attention to the QR codes, that when scanned with their smartphone will send you to a mobile site featuring videos of the naked women in the ads. You can select clothing for the models to wear and then enter the Zappos mobile site to buy them for yourself.

And ladies, don't fret. Women are not the only ones being exploited for this campaign. By the end of July we will get to "dress" a scantily clad gent on his way to the Zappos online store.

I think that by the end of this campaign, Zappos will certainly drive home that they don't just sell shoes. The funny thing is, this isn't the first time Zappos attempted a nude campaign, check out the commercial below that was shot two years ago.

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