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QR Game Plan Announces Batterup2013 Affiliation with Scottsdale Charros

Scottsdale, AZ
January 4, 2013

QRGameplan announced today that they will be responsible for the mobile QSites™ for the Giants lineup each home game, the visiting team lineup, and of course, full rosters for both, explained Maurine Karabatsos, Founder, QRGameplan. After a highly successful QSite™ campaign for the Scottsdale Charros Spring Training with the Giants last year, QRGameplan and the Charros have agreed to renew their partnership for Spring Training 2013. "Last year was a win-win with the Charros not having to scramble each game day to print out the daily lineups, by using QRGameplan's QSites, we could deliver the lineup to our fans on their mobile phones with an interactive player list." stated Mark Matsock, Scottsdale Charros.

Karabatsos stated "with the new rollout of QRGameplan's 'Official Sponsor of Spring'™ program the interactive Batterup2013 QShure™ is sure to be an even bigger hit with the fans".

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